One year of Portuguese flavors in Austria

Another year, and the Portuguese products continue to succeed in Austria

Our Algarve oranges in their way to Austrians tables..

It has been a year since Planafarm sent the first pallet to Austria, and such was the success, that the Austrians keep asking for more and more! Always willing to try new products like our almonds, pomegranates, carobs, various citrus fruits and even organic peanuts! (many news for bio products in 2018).

Throughout the adventure, there was still time to meet Liane personally and together visit several producers, in Algarve, and with that, start new business.

We are now finishing the year with the latest delivery, in which we are sharing with you the most radical way we have ever seen for deliver oranges door-to-door, in the snow, on a tractor that looks like a tank!

It’s a case to say: With so much snow, it even warms the heart!

See the photos: