Lithuania comes to Portugal

Lithuania gets a basket with our best products

We were informed that one of the directors of the new supermarket in Lithuania would be in Lisbon in a few hours. We take this opportunity to gather several national products in less than 24 hours and deliver as a sample to show our best products.

Mr. António invited us to pass by his bank in Terreiro do Paço and take a box full of delicious products.

As a bonus, we can say that Lithuania has recently confirmed that it has loved the products and that it sees in Planafarm the ideal partner to support them in this and new businesses that they are preparing there.

This is another confirmation that teamwork always rewards! And together we got so far! – This is the way of Planafarm!

A big thank you to our producers, for the support and, who like us, believed it was possible!

We are together!

Šarūnas (one of the directors of the supermarket in Lithuania) was amazed by the variety of products we put together!

See the photos:

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