Our good clients partners

"It's a pleasure to work with Planafarm, now it's easy to find local products for my business."
Vasco Guimarães
Manager of Peppers Bar
"Apart from helping sell my products, Planafarm helped me to get investment for my business."
Diogo Águas
Organic Producer
"It's good to work with Planafarm. Now I can import to Austria, the best oranges from Algarve producers who, like me, care about sustainable practices. Planafarm also achieved an almost impossible task in dealing with all the logistics for my order, to be delivered in the middle of the mountains of Austria."
Liane Gmeiner-hrach
International Trader
"I was looking for a land to expand my production, so I contacted Planafarm and almost immediately they found a solution for my needs. When I found out that the land was right next to my house, I did not want to believe it!"
Shandra Santos
Producer of Ancient Varieties of Organic Wheat- Pão com Alma #Kultivarte
"I had a family land abandoned, and I didn't want to sell it, but I was willing to rent it for agricultural production. I contacted Planafarm and in less than a month they found a producer to use my land. Keep it up! "
Noah Rijo
Land Owner
"Although our business is still at the beginning and the quantities ordered are reduced, Planafarm team is tireless and the attention given to my project makes me believe that we'll be able to grow"
Joana Rodrigues
CEO & Founder of Beetroots
"I contacted Planafarm when I had just had the dream of producing mushrooms. They helped me find training to get me know-how and made me believe that it was possible.I started the production in my own garage and when I needed help to sell it, Planafarm was relentless to publicize my new business with restaurants and local retailers. And now I need to expand production!"
Hugo Reis
Mushroom Producer
"I was starting a new project in Lithuania, a store dedicated to Portuguese products, and someone told me to contact Planafarm. It was the best thing I did and right now it's almost as if Planafarm is part of my business. They are tireless in finding us new products for our stores, and always with new marketing ideas. They help us in all communication with suppliers and constantly find new logistics operators in order to optimize our transportation costs."
Šarūnas Gustainis
Manager of Byfoods
"With Planafarm, it's as if there is no barrier between who wants to buy and who wants to sell. They treated all the logistics and even the visit of the Austrian customer to my farm."
João Pacheco
Pomegranate Producer
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