National Organic Production Campaign
April 5, 2018

Planafarm is launching a National Organic Products Campaign

We are contacting Producers, Merchants and Consumers to realize what is produced and what the market need, always betting on a sustainable circular economy of proximity.
"In the contacts we have made with national and international customers, we realize that there is an increasing demand for organic products, so we decided to launch this campaign, so we can find the producers, merchants and consumers"
Daniel Emídio
CEO & Founder of Planafarm
For this, we created a set of forms where companies or producers can discriminate the products they produce, what they want to sell or buy, in a way of being evaluated what is produced and what the market needs, always betting in a more circular and sustainable circular economy.
We want to value what is produced in Portugal and support the national producers. For this, we are developing a tool that will give you the support you need to keep your business in fertile ground. We have followed our clients from the birth of the idea, to their healthy development and growth.
I'm a Farmer
We want to value what is best produced in Portugal and for this we are identifying the merchants who have an interest in the supply of local organic products. We want to help you find the best products while looking for ways to optimize logistical costs by promoting a circular and sustainable economy.
I'm a Merchant
We don't work directly with the final constumer, but their opinion is very important for us to value organic farming, and motivate marketers to bet on these products.
I'm a Consumer
Fill out this form, and your feedback (1 minute) will help us to change the world !!!
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