Agrobio's Organic Market
We visited the Agrobio Organic Market in Loures
March 31, 2018
As always, Planfarm join to the party, and helped the farmers selling their products directly in the market.
Saturday is that day, after a week of intense work in the field, in which producers from all over the country go to the markets, so that we can all prove what is best done in each region.

Today we had the pleasure of being with the organic products producers Horta do Adão, Quinta da Pedra Branca and Quinta do Gil - in the AGROBIO organic market of Loures.

It is fantastic to see the fruits of the long work that is being carried out by entities such as AGROBIO - Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture.

Warm regards to all the heroes of agriculture!

Check out the Facebook page of Agrobio Markets, and see where and when you can find the best organic products from local farmers.
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