Together for a sustainable agriculture!
It's the motto that moves us.
About Planafarm
On a day-to-day basis, what drives the Planafarm team forward is the vision, strength and commitment of our founder. One day, Daniel Emídio dreamed to create a community of professionals related to agribusiness where the information sharing and good practices are promoted. "Where everyone feels that they have support from the moment they start with an idea."
We facilitate the communication, to know what exists in the market, the main problems and with this knowledge, to create new business opportunities, while developing a closer relationship between local producers.
Because social responsibility is part of the company's core, we want to generate a real circular economy, where communication is facilitated; increase credibility; motivate innovation projects; attract investment and reinvest itself in society, stimulating good practices and sustainable projects.
We act as a catalyst for competitiveness and innovation, we build trust in agriculture and credibility of stakeholders, while motivating and disseminating innovative and sustainable projects - reducing costs and waste - and thereby, increase the potential of the chain of value.
Top 3 reasons to choose us
Clients Partners
We face each client as another partner in our community, with much to give and receive;
You Win We Win
We work everyday to find you the best options for each case, looking for a win-win solution;
Your Team
Our services go far beyond our platform: we have a dedicated team that can help you grow your agribusiness.
Meet our team
We work every day to find the good products and to provide the best service possible.
Founder & CEO
Agronomy & Distribution
Agronomy, Distribution and Logistics
Communication & Public Relations
Daniel Emídio
Born in Aljezur, moved to Lagos at the age of 17.

After finishing high school, he immediately started working in companies in several areas. Seven years ago he discovered agriculture while managing the Lisbon office of an agribusiness project development company in Brazil, in partnership with universities and official entities.

Other agribusiness projects followed, "and all of them had one thing in common: the ability to open my eyes to the variety of the problems that exist in the world of agriculture, the difficulty in communicating and creating the link between the various actors in the sector, so I created Planafarm" says the founder and CEO.

Planafarm is the fulfilment of his dream of creating a community of professionals related to agribusiness in which cooperation, information sharing and good practices are promoted.
João Tiago Pequito
Was born and lives in Vila Franca de Xira.

He finished his degree in Agronomy at the University of Évora in 2017. He started working in viticulture and then in organic agriculture.

He visions Planafarm as a company with an impact as he believes that this company gives support to those who want to start their business, especially small farmers.

Filipa Silva
Filipa grew up in the West of Portugal, surrounded by crops and fields. Passionate about the Planet and sustainability, after discovering that Agriculture is the activity with the greatest impact on the Earth and that more resources uses, she decided that this was the area that she wanted to dedicate herself.

She studied for 5 years at Instituto Superior de Agronomia in Lisbon, always seeking to deepen the areas of organic, family and tropical farming.

Filipa is at Planafarm to help support small farmers, whilst implementing sustainable strategies and a more just and conscious circular economy.

Maria Monteiro
Was born and raised at the gates of Lisbon, in Odivelas, she went to Bucelas to live closer to the countryside.

She has a degree in Social Communication and worked as a journalist in newspapers and radio, having 'discovered' agricultural journalism in a magazine of her 'heart' region: Alentejo.

When she met Planafarm, she fell in love with the company's vision and made herself available to help communicate it to the world.

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